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Koi and goldfish are some of the most important, and enjoyable, aspects of a water garden.  Pondibilities carries koi, both standard and butterfly, as well as shubunkins, a calico goldfish with exaggerated fins.

Let me state first that I truly enjoy koi.  However the most common maintenance issues I run across are too many koi and over feeding.  While a goldfish needs about 10 gallons per fish, a foot long koi needs around 100 gallons.  And those koi will continue to grow and when they approach two foot, they need close to 1000 gallons per fish.

These numbers of course vary from one pond to the next, but the majority of ‘water gardens’ with koi do not have sufficient filtration to support more than one koi per thousand gallons.  And feeding pinches at a time instead of handfuls, will make a world of difference.

A balance of fish and plants is the first priority in a water garden with koi.  It is very important to know what you want before you begin to build your pond or select your fish.  With these factors in mind, you will grow to love you plants and fish at a greater level then you imagined.

circle_of_koiFish Globe










If you haven’t seen one of these globes you are missing out.  Always an eye catcher, this fish globe allows your fish to be displayed like never before.  Contact us at info@pondibilities for more information on these globes.

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